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1.What does the Metal Mesh do?

The Metal Mesh use and the oil industry, chemical industry, automobile, papermaking, foodstuff, architecture, aviation, aerospace industries and high-tech fields.

2.What is the Commonly used terms ?

Cracking (the thorn) : the surface of steel wire visible transverse article small cracking, present tongue, or other shape the thorn

Layered: steel wire longitudinal appear local or the long division

Scarring (spot scar) : the surface of steel wire appear yellow oxidation scar, white lime scar

Pull mark: the surface of steel wire longitudinal existing obvious small groove or convex edges, the slight only surface appear not to bright and clean and shining phenomenon.

Fold: the surface of steel wire along the length direction of metal Xuan now appear overlap. Often a straight line form, also have formed a curve or jagged. Metallographic examination, folding usually have iron oxide inclusions in and decarburization layer.

The concave: steel wire on the surface of the local sag.

Corrosion: the surface of steel wire and the oxidation of the whole appear local phenomenon.

Hemp dot: the surface of steel wire heavy oxidation appears when the distribution of the patch or patches of pits.

Bamboo: steel wire along the vertical to a periodic degree of inequality, shape beauty like bamboo.

Spiral lines: steel wire in straightening process, surface occurs thread shape roller.

Oxide skin: the surface of steel wire and high temperature oxidation furnace gas when contact oxidation, create a hard layer of easy broken pieces of the oxide.