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Punching metal tube

2012-05-22 11:39:39 Source:Hebei BangDa Metal Products Co.,Ltd Browse:3151


Material:304 316 316L stainless steel

Shape:Round hole

Original:HeBei China




Single filter tube:
stainless steel 304
Specifications: inner circle for 60mm, length 1200mm, aperture 2mm,hole distance 3mm,
thickness 3mm
Manufacturing process: punching - cutting plate - rolling - argon arc welding -
Uses: used in water filtration and
environmental protection industries
Shape and hole size can be based on user needs specifications

Multilayer filter tube:
stainless steel of 304316 316L
:The inner layer is NC holeplate,The outer layer is composed of high density stainless steel net on both sides mouth by flange argon arc welding.
Uses: used to filter impurities in
water purification
Features: the filtering precision, a large quantity of pollutants material resistant to acid-base corrosion resistance capability, using ultrasonic oscillation, chemical method, easy cleaning, cleaning after repeated use, increases the filtering area, dimensions and structure according to customer demand for production