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Brand Compound Steel Grating

2012-05-23 10:50:06 Source:Hebei BangDa Metal Products Co.,Ltd Browse:3273


Compound Grating is a product which combines
grating of good horizontal bearing capacity
checkered plate.

Surface treatment:hot-dip galvznized.




While ordering Compound Grating is normally made up the gratings with bearing bars of the pitch 30mm,and 40mm as base part and the checkered plate of the pitch 3mm,4mm,5mm and 6mm as cover,The
most popular gratings as base parts are the types of G323/40/100,G253/30/100 and G323/60/100.


1, the composite steel plate with high strength, light structure, strong corrosion resistance, durable

2, as a result of the steel grid plate appearance, smooth surface, and the accumulation of dirt, in rainy
without rain and snow water, capable of self cleaning, easy maintenance, so in recent years have
a very wide range of applications

3, ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid, good explosion-proof, and installed his disassembly is
very convenient


in power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, steel plants, paper mills, machinery factory, cement plant, sewage treatment plant, municipal engineering, municipal engineering, environmental engineering and
so on
certain areas of the platform, walkway, ditch cover, manhole covers, ladder


Normally packed in piling up ways with two pieces of square wood on both upper and bottom sides.There are four or six pieces of M10 long bolt penetrating the gratings and screwing together.it is suitable for
loading and unloading by fork-lift and crane.
Note:we can pack as per the requirement of customer.