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Single pesk windbreak

2012-05-23 16:28:22 Source:Hebei BangDa Metal Products Co.,Ltd Browse:3061


Material:Steel plate, galvanized plate,
color coated sheet,
stainless steel sheet

Surface treatment: electrostatic powder spraying.



Single pesk wind dust net

Forming 250mm-500mm in width, peak of high is 50mm-100mm,
plate thickness:0.5-1.5mm. length:0-4m.
we can according to customer requirements.


mainly used in coal mines, coking plant, power plant and other enterprises plant coal storage yard; port, wharf coal storage yard and various material field; steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises of various outdoor yard; crop windproof, dustproof sandy weather the harsh environment; railway, highway coal cargo station coal storage yard, construction sites, road dust, the two sides of the highway


Single peaks wind  dust net suppression effect up to 65~ 85%, Twins peaks wind dust net suppressing wall reaches more than 95%; the wind-proof and dust suppression wall has the advantages of beautiful
, low maintenance cost and has the advantages of fire theft.